CAN Relay 4 Autism


Dominic's Dominators -A Sandhu Powered By LOVE

We are excited to participate in the first-ever CAN Relay 4 Autism! Held on Saturday, July 20 at Swangard Stadium, families, supporters and general public will commit to walking or running around the track in support of Canucks Autism Network.

We are asking friends and family to support our campaign to walk or run a certain number of laps around Swangard Stadium.

With your generosity, we can support CAN's vision for every individual with autism to bWorld, We have a son, and his name is Dominic. He is almost 4 and he is perfect, beautiful, charming and so sweet that we still can't believe he really belongs to us. He makes us believe in God and in magic. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, he lights up our world.

Our brave boy has overcome many hurdles in the past 3 years of his young life which include surgeries, an EEG, a CT scan and 100’s of blood tests. He has seen an ENT specialist, Hematologist, Neurologist, Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist, Audiologist and Psychiatrist. He has been through testing for biochemical genetics, infant development, speech language and the list goes on. Finally, after many Drs appointments and at the age of 2 he was diagnosed with Autism, Anxiety disorder and possible medical PTSD.

Dominic is extraordinary, he is different, he is unique, he is special and we love him just the way he is. He struggles, but he's my hero. He is happy - most of the time, he is affectionate, funny, and smart - in HIS own, special way. He is still the same sweet, loving, caring, amazing little boy that we've always known. He is friendly, funny, outgoing, brave, and wise and an absolute joy to be around. He is a kid who loves dancing, his ipad, his oilers blanket and his family. A family that includes a daddy, a mommy, a big awesome sister named Ciara and a handsome little boy who happens to have ASD. This is something he has, not what he is. His dad, Ciara and I will make it our life journey to assure we give him every tool he need to grow, learn, and thrive. Dominic’s autism is not going to prevent him from greatness, or success, or normalcy. He is silly, and loving, and clever; he is stubborn, and resilient, determined and capable. He has bright things in his future and despite this diagnoses we consider ourselves lucky that, out of all the potential newborns it was Dominic that we were blessed with.

People keep asking us if we are ok, and to be honest, we think we are, in fact, we know we are! He is no different today than the day he was born, nothing has changed. Lately, when we explain that our son has autism, we get a response like, “Oh, I'm so sorry”. There is no need to apologize because my kid is AMAZING. He's funny, gifted, kind, joyful, smart, happy, brilliant, and empathetic. He is the delight of our lives and we are so thankful for him.

My one piece of advice for everyone as a parent is please just hug your babies. They're such precious gifts. And for today, when they call your name a 100 times, Mom! Mom! Mom! Dad! Dad! Dad! And you want to pull your hair out with frustration, be grateful that they can talk. For myself I am so thankful that Dominic can now say “Mom” and I will be overjoyed when I hear the words “I love you” or when he can simply express how he is feeling. There are no guarantees in life. We accept this struggle into our life because it makes us better. Our life is enriched because Dominic is in it. It's going to be harder, but it's also going to be better. He's a gift we do not and will not take for granted. He teaches us about patience. He teaches us that the world cares. He teaches us what different is. He will teach Ciara about unconditional love, trust and most importantly about acceptance. She has already started to advocate for him and she will play a big role in is journey. She is and always will be his number one fan!

Many parents of children with autism these days think that they can "cure" or "recover" their child. I wouldn't change my son for the world. Wanting to "fix" him implies that he is ill, or sick, or broken, or lost. He is none of those; he is who he is and if this is how GOD (or Fate) gave him to me, then it is not my place to try to change him so he can comply with societal norms.

This diagnosis does not define him. This diagnosis will not define him. He will always be our sweet boy! He will stay fearless and be who he’s meant to be! We got this and we will figure out how to move forward together. We will always stand beside him every step of the way. We will walk for Dominic! We are Dominic's Dominators! And he is A Sandhu Powered By LOVE!e understood, accepted and supported in all community spaces.


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